Communication & Notifications

Bridge the communication gap between the school and its people. Go online with VidyaWell App.


VidyaWell’s communication and notifications module serves the purpose of a four-way communication channel in a very simplistic manner. The module is accessible from both mobile and web applications, where the teachers, the students and parents, and the management can actually address each other’s queries and complaints.

The VidyaWell application bridges the communication gap between the people of the school without requiring any physical presence.

Features of Communication & Notifications

  • Send individual and mass notifications to the students and teachers associated with the school.
  • Send automated registration notifications to newly registered students.
  • Let teachers and students submit complaints and inquiries through VidyaWell’s mobile and web apps.
  • Issue last moment digital notices and circulars, or schedule them to show up in a later date and within a time window.
  • Issue notifications requesting input from users (students and teachers) from their mobile and web applications. For instance, ask parents if they are going to attend parent-teacher meeting while they can submit their answers through ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ buttons as well as through a written response window.
  • Schedule these response requiring notifications in advance through the diary module.

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