Transport Management

Geofence and GPS track your school transport vehicles. Know your vehicle drivers, pending vehicle EMIs and a lot more.


VidyaWell’s highly extensive school transport management package takes your school to the next level with its next-gen features. Now geofence your school vehicles, define and restrict their routes, and track them in real-time.

Ensure the safety of your students with VidyaWell transport management modules and monitor expenses on the vehicles at the cost of clicks.

Features of Transport Management

  • Establish a cloud record providing details of your school transport vehicles, and their owners and drivers.
  • Add vital information to the individual vehicle record that contains details like insurance, loan, etc. associated with the vehicle.
  • Geofence your school vehicles by restricting them to follow routes which they cannot go beyond.
  • Let the management and parents GPS track school vehicles in real-time from mobile and web applications.
  • Keep a log of when the school transport vehicles entered and left the school premises.
  • Keep track of pending as well as paid loan installments of your school vehicles.
  • Keep a log of all servicing and repairing maintenances, and part replacements that are done on the school vehicles.
  • Keep a log of all fuel refilling done on the school vehicles.
  • Record daily activity details of vehicle drivers including their attendance, schedules, and extra duty hours.

Other Modules