Exam Results Management

Share exam results with your students on the VidyaWell mobile and web apps.


Any school’s ultimate goal is to flourish in academic performance because imparting education is the sole purpose of the school. Vidyawell proves to be of great help in maintaining and generating report cards.

It presents customized reports of overall performance of the child to school and to the parents as well through its mobile and web application. The module also simplifies many other tasks for the teachers in relation to management of examinations.

Features of Exam Results Management

  • Create customized exam results in accordance with the respective board format and school’s format.
  • Allot student to their respective examination slots.
  • Create class-wise schedule of upcoming examinations.
  • Let teachers view consolidated reports that compare actual marks of the students against the net marks.
  • Filter out students from the digital record and view their periodic test reports to assess their academic performance.
  • Creating grading record of students as per the CBSE board.
  • Create and associate skills with students and grade them accordingly.
  • Let students view their exam results through the VidyaWell mobile and web apps.
  • View comprehensive assessment reports of students.

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