Finance Management

Simplify the finance management process, go VidyaWell!


Finance department in any school require 100% attention and need to be error-free. Finance being one of the most crucial departments has so much calculations and record keeping considering that there are so many finance related work in the school.

Through Vidyawell schools can digitally maintain payments, receipts, cashbook, day book, ledgers, trial balance, balance sheet, P/L and trading account, income and expenditures. These digitized records simplify the tasks for the finance department while maintaining a data that is secure on a cloud network.

Features of Finance Management

  • Create ledgers and keep record of all daily transactions associated with the school.
  • Group ledger groups and sub groups to keep a detailed record of flow of all types of transactions.
  • Create vouchers for different types of transactions and update the records with ease.
  • Create day books through a simplified and transfer them to the ledger.
  • Establish a record of all cash receipts and payments by maintaining digital cash books.
  • Maintain a filtered record of all bank transactions through VidyaWell’s digital bank books.
  • Create different types of balance sheets with only a matter of clicks.
  • Export to excel sheets and/or print ledgers, balance sheets bank books, journal books, cash books, etc.

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