Library Management

Enhance your staff and students’ library experience with VidyaWell’s library management module.


A librarian never denies a helping hand because there is so much of work in managing school library. There are so many departments, sections, sub-sections, genres and languages in a library and there are so many students from different classes and sections. It becomes very tough for a librarian to manage every record.

Vidyawell is an efficient helping hand which keeps updated record of book entry, book issue, book review, book write-off and book accessories.

Features of Library Management

  • Establish a comprehensive record of all the books owned by the school.
  • Find out where the books are kept in the library from the digital record, on the basis of rack and wardrobe numbers associated with them.
  • Find out books on the basis of many other filters like ISBN number, author, publisher, etc.
  • Associated old, new, damaged and other relevant information with your books. Define their status.
  • Find out which books were sent for binding.
  • Associate personalized notes and description with books.
  • Keep record of all the books kept in the warehouse.
  • Keep record of all the books that have been issued and find out details associated with the issuers.
  • Introduce fines on late returned and damaged books and update it to the digital record.

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