Procurement Management

Create indents, quotation comparison charts and do a lot more with VidyaWell.


VidyaWell’s procurement management module simplifies the process of acquiring items and supplies by making the process completely electronic. This module lets you create digital indents that contain the necessary details associated with the item requirements.

Now avoid the lengthy indent approval process that causes delays and many visits between offices in your school. Get relief from burdensome responsibilities.

Features of Procurement Management

  • Navigate through the simplified digital record of indents.
  • Create indents when you require items and associate employee-wise details with them.
  • Specify within indent the reasons why the item is required for use.
  • Specify which department requires the item for use.
  • Get quotations from multiple vendors against an indent.
  • Generate quotation comparison chart against an intent to find out the best proposal.
  • Forward indent for approval from higher authorities.

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