Fees Management

Get rid of the burdensome responsibilities of managing fee transactions and records.


For functioning of any school, fees management system is the key financing aspect. Fee manager is made in a way to organise fee collection processes. It performs same manual tasks digitally in an efficient manner.

The module is compatible with multiple payment methods such as cash, bank, cheque, online. Fee manager also gives the insight and clear fee collection stats to the school.

Features of Fees Management

  • Define custom fee structures and charge students accordingly.
  • Manage fines on late fees and check bounces. View the details through the digital fine register and fine report.
  • Find out the list of all the fee defaulters with their vital information in the defaulter record.
  • Accept fees both online through VidyaWell’s integrated payment gateway. The payment gateway is accessible through the guardian’s VidyaWell mobile and web apps.
  • Accept fees offline and upload make updates to the online fee record. Accept cash and checks.
  • Opt to include or exclude school transport fees in all fee transactions.
  • Generate fee card student-wise to view deposits and pending payments. Download and print fee cards in PDF format.
  • Take fees monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly, and update the student’s details to the fees record.
  • Navigate through the fee record head-wise and find the details of all the submitters associated with that payment head.
  • Send pending fee reminder notifications to parents and guardians through SMS notifications and VidyaWell’s parent/guardian app.
  • Introduce discounts on fees for individual students.
  • View interactive reports associated with fees management software.

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